What is reincarnation?

Let us find out what you mean by reincarnation the truth of it, not what you like to believe, not what someone has told you, or what your teacher has said. Surely, it is the truth that liberates, not your own conclusion, your own opinion. ...When you say, “I shall be reborn,” you must know what the “I” is. ...Is the “I” a spiritual entity, is the “I” something continuous, is the “I” something independent of memory, experience, knowledge? Either the “I” is a spiritual entity, or it is merely a thought process. Either it is something out of time which we call spiritual, not measurable in terms of time, or it is within the field of time, the field of memory, thought. It cannot be something else. Let us find out if it is beyond the measurement of time. I hope you are following all this. Let us find out if the “I” is in essence something spiritual. Now by “spiritual” we mean, do we not, something not capable of being conditioned, something that is not the projection of the human mind, something that is not within the field of thought, something that does not die. When we talk of a spiritual entity, we mean by that something which is not within the field of the mind, obviously. Now, is the “I” such a spiritual entity? If it is a spiritual entity, it must be beyond all time; therefore it cannot be reborn or continued. ...That which has continuity can never renew itself. As long as thought continues through memory, through desire, through experience, it can never renew itself; therefore, that which is continued cannot know the real.