Only that which dies can renew itself

When we talk of a spiritual entity, we mean by that something which is not within the field of the mind, obviously. Now, is the “I” such a spiritual entity? If it is a spiritual entity, it must be beyond all time; therefore it cannot be reborn or continued. Thought cannot think about it because thought comes within the measure of time, thought is from yesterday, thought is a continuous movement, the response of the past; so thought is essentially a product of time. If thought can think about the “I”, then it is part of time; therefore that “I” is not free of time, therefore it is not spiritual which is obvious. So, the “I”, the “you” is only a process of thought; and you want to know whether that process of thought, continuing apart from the physical body, is born again, is reincarnated in a physical form. Now go a little further. That which continues can it ever discover the real, which is beyond time and measurement. That “I”, that entity which is a thought-process can it ever be new? If it cannot, then there must be an ending to thought. Is not anything that continues inherently destructive? That which has continuity can never renew itself. As long as thought continues through memory, through desire, through experience, it can never renew itself; therefore, that which is continued cannot know the real. You may be reborn a thousand times, but you can never know the real for only that which dies, that which comes to an end, can renew itself.