The religious man

What is the state of the mind which says, I do not know whether there is God, whether there is love, that is, when there is no response of memory? Please dont immediately answer the question to yourselves because if you do, your answer will be merely the recognition of what you think it should or should not be. If you say, It is a state of negation, you are comparing it with something that you already know; therefore, that state in which you say, I do not know is nonexistent....

So the mind that is capable of saying, I do not know, is in the only state in which anything can be discovered. But the man who says, I know, the man you has studied
infinitely the varieties of human experience and whose mind is burdened with information, with encyclopedic knowledge, can he ever experience something which is not to be accumulated? He will find it extremely hard. When the mind totally puts aside all the knowledge that it has acquired, when for it there are no Buddhas, no Christs, no Masters, no teachers, no religions, no quotations; when the mind is completely alone, uncontaminated, which means that the movement of the known has come to an endit is only then that there is a possibility of a tremendous revolution, a fundamental change....The religious man is he who does not belong to any religion, to any nation, to any race, who is inwardly completely alone, in a state of not-knowing, and for him the blessing of the sacred comes into being.