Useful Tips

Time Efficiency

The secret lies in the ability to organise efficiently the twenty four hours in each day, the sixty minutes in each hour, down to sixty seconds in each minute.

The ability to use time well applies to service, business personnel, the man and woman at home, and the student at school. This test will help you assess your time-organisation score.

1. Do You Use Time Efficiently?

2. Do you make lists of things to do, purchases to make, places to go?

3. Does it bother you if your watch runs too fast or too slow?

4. Do tasks often take longer than you anticipated?

5. Can you usually estimate the time correctly (within 15 minutes) without looking at a timepiece?

6. Do you live by a fairly well-set schedule for rising, meals and going to bed

7. Before falling asleep at night or rising in the morning , do you plan the day to come in terms of things to be done?

8. Are you usually punctual for work and appointments?

9. Do you often have the feeling of panic because you think you have more things to do than time to do them?

10. Do you waste time in trying to find things such as keys, the correct folder of correspondence, the mate to your pair of shoes?

11. In Your buisness (Office, home or school) do you find yourself taking prolonged time for breaks such as coffee, cigarettes, cokes or sessions in the rest room?

12. Do you often spend long sessions on the telephone talking to friend about little or nothing?

13. Whether in the office, at home or in school, do you have the tools of your trade near at hand and readily available?

14. Are you prone to daydream?