Useful Tips

Appointing a Consultant

Observe the following, when appointing a consultant

Time and attention: If your candidate seems rushed or preoccupied during your meeting, forget it. He or she won't give you the attention you need.

Experience with similar subject or businesses: Every small business is different. You need a consultant who understands your subject or business.

Foresight: Ask the candidate two key questions:
1. What problems am I likely to have?
2. And how can you help me avoid them?

Communication: Your consultant should be able, and willing to explain even the most complex situation in terms you can understand.

Affordable Fees: Before you hire a consultant, make sure you understand his or her fee system. Ask about fees for specific jobs.

A personality you can work with: After all you should like your consultant. Would you feel comfortable calling this person for advice? Do you trust this person with your subject or business?

A willingness to teach: Find a consultant who will help you learn about the issues.

Good references: Ask for references from similar subject or small-business owners. Call each reference, and ask them to convince you that the consultant will do a good job for you.

If you are not convinced, keep looking...