Perception acts

You see and I do not see why does this happen? I think it happens because one is involved in time; you do not see things in time, I see it in time. Your seeing is an action of your whole being, and your whole being is not caught in time; you do not think of gradual arrival; you see something immediately, and that very perception acts. I do not see; I want to find out why I do not see. What is the thing that will make me see something totally so that I have understood the whole thing immediately? You see the whole structure of life: the beauty, the ugliness, the sorrow, the joy, the extraordinary sensitivity, the beauty; you see the whole thing, and I cannot. I see a part of it, but I do not see the whole of it...The man who sees something totally, who sees life totally, must obviously be out of time. Sirs, do listen to this, because this has something actually to do with our daily existence; it is not something spiritual, philosophical, out of daily existence. If we understand this, then we will understand our daily routine, boredom, and sorrows, the nauseating anxieties and fears. So do not brush it away by saying, “What has it to do with our daily existence?” It has. One can see at least for me, it is very clear that you can cut, like a surgeon, the whole cord of misery immediately. That is why I want to go into it with you.